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Discover the essence of growth at Dandelight, where humble seeds flourish into magnificent flowers. Immerse yourself in yoga, meditation, soothing sound baths, and delectable culinary experiences. Unite, innovate, and flourish within our invigorating lounge area. Experience the joy of shopping at our Boutique store. Browse through a curated collection of Yoga apparel, day to day fashion, accessories, and home decor, curated to reflect the essence of beauty, elegance, and sustainability. Embrace authenticity, elevate your soul, and rejoice in the exquisite wonders of nature at Dandelight.


Discover the transformative power of yoga and movement at our studio. Build strength, enhance endurance, and improve flexibility as you embrace the discomfort that leads to growth. Our playful approach ensures that each session is filled with fun and exploration. Step out of your comfort zone and into a world of endless possibilities!

Type of classes we offer


Experience tranquility and inner peace in our restorative room. Join us for classes that are designed to help you relax, unwind, and reset your nervous system. Immerse yourself in gentle movements, soothing sounds, and deep stretches to release tension and find balance. Let go of stress, connect with your inner self, and discover a sense of serenity in our peaceful sanctuary.
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Discover a world of mindfulness and self-care at our Yoga-related events. Dive into the transformative power of somatic breath work, connecting mind and body in harmony. Join our Reiki circles and experience the healing energy flowing through you. Enhance your skills with our teacher trainings and become a certified instructor. Embrace a holistic lifestyle and immerse yourself in a range of enriching events. Find your inner balance and unleash your full potential.
Cacao Ceremonies
Somatic Breath work
Reiki Circles
Sound bath Events
and more… 
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Discover our Bistro, where dishes tell their stories and culinary adventures await. Indulge in Fincas Coffee's aromatic Honduran roast and relish the renowned Alain's French pastries from Maison Bouchard. Our menu unveils treasures like hand-picked Tea from China or Japan's family-run matcha, as well as ethically sourced Cacao from Guatemala or Bali. Every bite and sip is carefully chosen to make the experience one to remember.
Pastries: Maison Bouchard
Coffe: Fincas Coffee
Cacao: Caobali
Cacao: Guatemala
Tea: Tea tell truth
Matcha: Tea minus one
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Discover Dandelight, your oasis for holistic well-being. Explore our Boutique with quality mats, clothes that are Yoga related or fashionable day-to-day clothing, and spiritual books on astrology and numerology. Find eco-friendly treasures like enchanting candles, sustainable household goods, and innovative Huskee cups made from coffee husks. Embrace serenity with our incense collection, enlightening your mindful, sustainable path. 

Our vendors

Wallflower Shoppe
Remnant Heirlooms
Art Gallery 
And much more...
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